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Athlete Marketing & Consulting Solutions

At Underdog Sports and Entertainment, athletes will find a range of consulting and marketing services to put them in front of the teams that will pick them up. We also work hard to help you sharpen your skills, offering elite training programs and a range of fitness services and training styles for every athlete we work with. Here, it's about more than simply assisting you in advancing your career. We also help you improve your endurance, strength, rehab from injury, or offer sport-specific training in combination with athlete marketing and consulting solutions. You'll get top-tier career advice and athlete consulting services along with training options designed to suit your needs.

Athlete Marketing — We Work for You

You focus on improving your game and being the best athlete you can be. Let us take the pressure off by handling all of the marketing, including contacting prospective teams and sending them your videos from our Pro Day as well as your games. We'll keep you updated on combines throughout the year and consult with you to help you navigate the "business side" of sports after college. Contact us today to discuss our negotiable fees and how we can help you. Some services have monthly fees you can pay without consulting contracts.

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